ARG economists and affiliated professors provide expert testimony and litigation support in antitrust litigation and merger reviews. We apply microeconomic theory and empirical analysis to shed light on a broad array of antitrust topics including

  • definition of relevant market,
  • existence and abuse of monopoly power,
  • quantification and relevance of barriers to entry,
  • price fixing, price discrimination, predatory pricing, and price squeeze allegations,
  • pre- and post-merger acquisition review

Representative Engagements

Antitrust/Competitive Analyses

  • For an insurance company acquiring the assets and insureds of a competitor, ARG economists conducted a study of the competitive impacts of the acquisition in the industry. The study applied state-of-the-art econometric techniques and simulations to demonstrate that given the number of alternative choices in relevant geographic bands, the acquisition would not adversely impact consumers. Regulators approved the acquisition.
  • Working for defense counsel in an antitrust lawsuit involving the automobile industry, we prepared an expert report criticizing analyses and testimony of plaintiffs’ economic and statistical expert. Our analysis identified a number of serious conceptual and methodological flaws in the opposing expert’s work that rendered his conclusions unreliable. As part of our affirmative testimony, we developed an econometric model to quantify the economic value of certain automobile options to customers. Our econometric model quantified how each option added to dealers’ automobiles impacted vehicle sales prices and margins.