Product Liability and Complex Claims

ARG’s economists and industry experts combine to quantify past and expected future economic losses arising from environmental accidents and exposure. Our analysis of environmental exposure has covered a broad range of industries and product lines including asbestos, consumer products, chemical and building materials, and tobacco. We blend our expertise in economic and epidemiological modeling, statistics and econometrics, survey design, and computer programming to project the pattern of exposure and disease onset, and to estimate the number and dollar value of future claims.

We have forecasted morbidity, mortality, and property damage associated with environmental exposure; we have forecasted expected medical care costs in class-action personal injury matters; and, we have assisted insurance company actuary departments in various projects related to home, health, and automobile insurance pricing and coverage.

Representative Engagements

  • ARG economists conducted a damages study for plaintiff in a major unfair competition lawsuit in the consumer products industry. ARG experts developed econometric models to forecast sales for individual products, analyzed the impact of sales changes on company profits, and calculated economic damages for a wide range of “but-for” pricing and product introduction strategies. We also assisted counsel by analyzing the case put forth by the opposing side and in the development of cross-examination strategies for opposing expert witnesses.
  • For a major credit card company facing a class action lawsuit alleging misrepresentation and miscalculation of interest rates and certain fees, ARG data analysts collected individual transactional data from the company and recalculated proper interest rates and fees based on posting dates of many millions of transactions. One of our financial expert’s submitted an expert report and offered deposition testimony in federal court.