Sampling and Survey Design

ARG economists and statisticians have extensive experience designing sampling methodologies and survey questions, as well as determining the correct sample size and stratification methodology as appropriate.

Representative Engagements

  • For a major insurance company, ARG statisticians designed a statistically valid sampling methodology and survey questionnaire to poll brokers and quantify the extent to which certain underwriting guidelines were followed when representatives sold automobile insurance policies.
  • For an international bank facing a proposed wage and hour class action law suit, an ARG statistician filed an expert affidavit describing the necessary sample sizes and stratification to achieve alternative margin of errors. Our cross-examination testimony successfully rebutted plaintiffs’ statistician’s opinions. Class certification was denied.
  • For a major healthcare institution in a dispute with insurers regarding reimbursements, ARG statisticians designed a sampling methodology and oversaw an analysis of medical services records. The insurers accepted our sample design and findings.
  • For a packaging manufacturer in a patent infringement matter, ARG statistical experts designed a sampling methodology to select a random sample of various products. Because the products were destroyed as part of the inspection process (in determining the effectiveness of the design-around procedure), the sample was designed to be as small as statistically permissible to generate reliable inferences.